Ortasists worship the various Wild Spirits, with philosophies changing depending on the spirits practitioners worship. Countless Wild Spirits exist, most weak, but some very powerful. Most take on animal or creature forms. Powerful, enlightened Ortasists can become Wild Spirits upon their death and subsequent reincarnation - or so it is believed. Wild Spirits can grant wonderous boons or inflict terrible punishments to residents of their territories. Families often worship their own family spirits, cities usually have their own civic deities, and the greatest spirits are worshiped by the nation as a whole. Wild Spirits gain in strength and power the more worshipers, offerings, idols and sacrifices they receive. Carrying the symbol of a spirit can help strengthen them.

Worshiped Deities:

  • Various Wild Spirits

Spiritual Leader: Various Farseer

Religious Hierarchy:

  1. Wild Spirits
  2. Farseer
  3. Seer
  4. Elder Shaman
  5. Shaman