Vatarists worship the four Dragon Avatars: Aedigarr, Thraxaal, Vaernyrr, and Hakkan. Similar to Poiets, Vatarists believe the Dragon Avatars shaped the world of Vaal and imbued it with the four primary elements. In addition to the avatars, Vatarists often praise and sometimes worship other existing dragons. Every one hundred years the Dragon Avatars emerge from their slumber and scour Vaal for vaalum. This event dubbed the "Awakening" is treated as a momentous occasion and is celebrated by Vatar practitioners.  During the Awakening, dedicated worshipers see a massive increase in their vaalum manipulation capabilities.

Worshiped Deities:

  • Aedigarr
  • Thraxaal
  • Vaeranyrr
  • Hakkan

Spiritual Leader: Grand Inquisitor Sect Wyrmscale

Religious Hierarchy:

  1. Dragon Avatars
  2. Grand Inquisitor
  3. Inquisitor
  4. Inquest