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Cal Core Drakan


Said to be created in the image of Calos, Cal are widely considered the most intelligent race in Vaal. Much like the Calos of myth, Cal are frequently selfish and prideful. Often, if given the choice between saving an ally or their inventions, a Cal may view their creations as the obvious choice. This line of thinking has caused great tension with the other races of Vaal throughout history. While the Cal may be brilliant, often few find themselves willing to work with such a dangerous race.

Utilizing advancements in science the Cal created a sentient race of machines named Core. Working with the Core, the Cal recently crafted a giant machine dubbed "Machina". With intelligence and processing capabilities surpassing that of the Cal, Machina is worshiped by many as the next step in evolution. While the majority of Cal have dedicated themselves to Machina and the advancement of science, some Cal still hold on to the ways of old. Whispers of civil unrest have begun spreading across the world and many Cal remain worried for the future.


Created only in the last 100 years, the Core are the youngest known race on Vaal. Crafted by Cal and powered by Vaalum, the Core are a race of highly sophisticated machines. Initially conceptualized as lifeless creations to be used for labor, the Vaalum granted the machines consciousness and they thereafter began displaying emotions like that of living things. Indisputably, the Cal realized that their creations had in fact become sentient and were now a race of its own.

Seen as living equals by their creators, Core began to integrate into Calonian society. Recently, in collaboration with the Cal, a gargantuan mechanical being known as "Machina" was created. Far more advanced than the Core, Machina is seen as the machine god. Still infants of Vaal, Core often seek to find purpose in the world. While many seek to further advance the sciences, some have found interest in the powers and ways of the past. Time will tell what mark the machine race will leave.


Laid by powerful dragons of the past, Drakan are a fierce and noble race of dragonoids. With their draconic lineage, Drakan are naturally gifted in Vaalum manipulation, making them highly skilled in the magical arts. Believing themselves the chosen of the First Ones, many Drakan engage in in-breeding as to keep their draconic blood pure. Often Drakan make life-pacts with others born in their clutch.  While much of Vaal frets the Awakening, many Drakan pray for the return of their ancestors. Despite their "chosen" views, Drakan are often kind and protective. Believing that all life was created with purpose, the dragonoids overwhelmingly detest war.

Every hundred years when the Awakening occurs, Drakan see a massive surge in their Vaalum manipulation capabilities. Often, such times have been used to conquer any who get in the way of their goals.  Despite utilizing the Awakening, Drakan conquests have always been viewed as a way to unite Vaal through what the dragonoids call a "Unification Crusade". However, to some the Drakan Unification Crusade is viewed as a façade concealing a darker more sinister goal.