Races 2
Graowh Human Jotun


Originally human settlers, the Graowh (as they are known today) colonized the area of Stalreikt for the vast amounts of steel residing in the mountainous terrain. During excavation, miners discovered streams of Vaalum running throughout the crust stemming from the core of the planet. Slowly mutating over thousands of years, the Graowh began decreasing in height while thickening in bulk and muscle mass. Despite being very task oriented, the only thing a Groawh enjoys more than a hard days work is a harder night of festivities.

Considered the finest metalworkers in all of Vaal, many nations choose to import Graowh goods. Outside of Stalreikt often enjoy high wage for their services and are extremely sought after. Appreciative of their unique metal applications and similar ideologies, Graowh often have very positive feelings towards the Cal. Despite some Cal concern towards dependency on Graowh steel, most Cal reciprocate positive opinions of the hard-working race.


It is said that after humanity stole back emotions from the First One’s, the overwhelming emotion of greed drove them to oust and imprison their ruler Cal’opple. Humans far outnumber all other races of Vaal. Many races, such as the Sporr, find ancient lineage in humanity. Within humanity exists a sub-race known as Highbornes. Distinct for their pointed ears, Highbornes are often viewed as genetically superior and can often be found in positions of power.

Often prone to in-fighting, humans have a long history of war. While humans do lay claim to the largest amounts of landmass in Vaal, it is not without cost. Other races tend to have negative opinions of humanity, and thus often isolate themselves from Humans. While not the strongest, smartest, or most durable, humanity is persistent and powerful.


Originally human, Jotun are much larger iterations of their predecessors. Physically altered by Vaalum over thousands of years, Jotun have doubled in size compared to that of humans. As such, Jotun have superior strength and stamina. However, not without cost, the Vaalum also reduced the size of the Jotun brain. While not brainless, the average intelligence of Jotun when compared to their human counterparts is slightly lower.

Typically found among the icy terrain of Jotunfjord (of which their name is derived), Jotun are primal and very spiritually in-tune with nature. Jotun often live in small camps or villages with other Jotun of their blood. Jotun survive primarily through hunting, which is a spiritual act done only out of necessity. To the Jotun, consuming another creature is part of the circle of life and only meant to be done for survival. Overconsumption or killing for sport is greatly frowned upon in Jotun culture.