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Mnsea Oruk Sporr


Physically altered by Vaalum over thousands of years, Mnsea were once sea-favoring humans. Mutated, Mnsea began growing scales, gills, and other aquatic features. Reproduction capabilities of Mnsea have also been greatly altered. All eggs of the Female Mnsea are typically fertilized during conception. Still maintaining a vast amount of human internals, Mnsea’s bodies are frequently unable to carry out childbirth. As a result if any offspring survive the process, pregnancy often results in death for the mother.

Due to reproductive difficulties, Mnsea reproduce very infrequently. As such, their population is often at risk of extinction. However, being the only intelligent race capable of surviving underwater, resources and territory are plentiful. While not labeling any nation as home, the race of aquatics remains connected and spread throughout the world.


Hundreds of years ago the Ohruk, a wealthy Highborne family, commissioned accentuated life-like statues of themselves. Thereafter, the sculptures were submerged in Vaalum and kept secret for some time. Eventually, the stone carvings, now sentient, arose from the Vaalum and escaped the Oruk homestead. Initially hailed by many as a miracle, the Oruk (named after the family of origin) no longer were made of stone but had flesh and displayed keen intellect. However, it quickly became clear that the so-called miracle was cursed.

The skin of the Oruk began to slowly illuminate parts of their body. As this transpired, they began growing increasingly violent, craving excessive amounts of Vallum. It wasn’t long before they started killing to quench their desires. More of an addiction than a necessity, the Oruk could not contain their lust for the rare blood of Vaal. Now seen as a threat to humanity, the Oruk were driven into exile.

Exiled from civilized humanity, the race migrated to the lands of Loruhgos and Balderon. There the Oruk met locals far more accepting of their Vaalum dependence. Loruhgos being a land lush of Vaalum and scarce in governance proved to be an excellent location to call home. While the Oruk learn to manage their cravings, some have come to prefer the primal strength and fury brought on by Vaalum abstinence. Tensions continue to rise between those carrying these different ideologies.


Dissatisfied with the direction of humanity, a large collective of Highborne left civilization for the lush forests of Wrynn. Hoping to regain a connection with nature, the largely unexplored region was perfect for reconnecting with the planet. Unexpectedly, hiding between the towering mountains of Stalreikt and the thick jungles of Wrynn was a massive lake of pure Vaalum. Seemingly untainted by that of intelligent lifeforms, the Highbornes (now referring to themselves as Sporr) established an encampment at the base of the lake. Now referring to it as the “Great Lake”, Sporr, still wanting to reconnect with nature, began bathing in the lake as a religious practice.

Sporr continued to grow their civilization, always staying closely connected with nature and closely protecting the Great Lake. Over thousands of years, the human Sporr began seeing great changes in their anatomy. Foliage began growing from the bodies of the humanoids. Eventually, Sporr would come to resemble that which can be seen today. Modern Sporr are notable for their altered skin pigmentation and the various plant-life that has merged onto their body.

Ever still intertwined with nature, Sporrs have recently begun to lift the veil over Wrynn and reconnect with their human ancestors. Hesitant and protective, Sporrs will ultimately do whatever necessary to protect the Great Lake and Vaal itself.