Sotriaists are very dedicated to the worship of the Six Human Gods: Ghorr of Fear, Vyara of Sorrow, Ahtune of Joy, Treyu of Anger, Korra of Love, and Ohcres of Peace. Each god is a patron of several broad areas of concern and one of six primary emotions. Since the Great Elemental War the Six Gods have vanished from public eye. While some claim to still hear their prayers answered, most agree they seem more distant than before. This belief has led some Soriaists to believe the gods are displeased with the current state of Vaal. Temples are still made devoted to their worship, and the streets of Krellen are named and decorated for each of the gods. Some even choose to devote their lives to the worship of a particular god - a Priestess of Ahtune might find herself working in a hospital or a Priest of Treyu arranging competitions for his god.

Worshiped Deities:

  • Ghorr of Fear
  • Vyara of Sorrow
  • Ahtune of Joy
  • Treyu of Anger
  • Korra of Love
  • Ohcres of Peace

Spiritual Leader: Prophet Ession Whitelight

Religious Hierarchy:

  1. Humanities Six
  2. Prophet
  3. Arch-Bishop
  4. Bishop
  5. Priest
  6. Deacon