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LevelProficiency BonusFeaturesRagesRage Damage
1st+2Rage, Unarmored Defense2+2
2nd+2Reckless Attack, Danger Sense2+2
3rd+2Combat Specialization3+2
4th+2Ability Score Improvement3+2
5th+3Extra Attack, Fast Movement3+2
6th+3Combat Specialization Feature4+2
7th+3Fighter's Instinct4+2
8th+3Ability Score Improvement4+2
9th+4Brutal Critical (1 die)4+3
10th+4Combat Specialization Feature4+3
11th+4Relentless Rage4+3
12th+4Ability Score Improvement5+3
13th+4Brutal Critical (2 dice)5+3
14th+4Combat Specialization Feature5+3
15th+5Persistent Rage5+3
16th+5Ability Score Improvement5+4
17th+6Brutal Critical (3 dice)6+4
18th+6Indomitable Might6+4
19th+6Ability Score Improvement6+4
20th+6Hardened ChampionUnlimited+5
Combat Mechanics

Beginning when you choose this class at the 1st level, you control the movements, directions, and speed of the ship you are piloting. See space combat for further details. Additionally, you gain access to special maneuvers that enable you to out pilot your opponents.

Maneuver Dice

You have three saber dice, which are d4s. A maneuver die is expended when you use it. You regain all of your expended maneuver dice when you finish a short or long rest.

Saving Throws. Some of your maneuvers require your target to make a saving throw to resist the maneuver’s effects. The saving throw DC is calculated as follows:

Maneuver save DC = 4 + your ships proficiency bonus + your ships Dexterity modifier.


Space combat maneuvering is the tactical art of moving, turning and/or situating one’s spacecraft in order to attain a position from which an attack can be made on another spacecraft. Space combat maneuvers rely on offensive and defensive basic maneuvering to gain an advantage over an opponent.


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