Armor is covering worn over the body that is designed to protect it from weapons and other hazards related to combat and warfare. It is worn by many soldiers, bounty hunters, guards, and even some Jedi.

NameTypeCostDefense Rating (DR)StrengthStealthWeightProperties
Combat SuitLight250 Credits11+ Dex modifier-Disadvantage8 lb.-
Armored ClothingLight500 Credits11+ Dex modifier--6 lb.-
Padded ArmorLight1,400 Credits12+ Dex Modifier--10 lb.Padded armor is a modern, fairly strong battle armor used by many different types of people. It can vary greatly in effectiveness and encumbrance based on the type of materials used and the skill of the armorsmith.
Weave ArmorMedium1,400 Credits12+ Dex modifier (max 2)--12 lb.Weave armor is a flexible yet durable suit of armor that provided excellent protection to the wearer from slugthrowers, while restricting movement by only a small amount.
Bone ArmorMedium3,200 Credits13+ Dex modifier (max 2)Str 10-22 lb.Bone Armor comes from the carcasses of animals to create battle armor. Depending on the type of animal bone used, and the skill of the armorsmith, armor can have significantly different characteristics.
Chitin ArmorMedium3,000 Credits14+ Dex Modifier (max 2)Str 10Disadvantage30 lb.Made from several different kinds of animals hide, giving it a good protection. Chitin is the heaviest of the bone style armors.
R.I.SMedium10,000 Credits14+ Dex modifier (max 2)Str 10-25 lb.Reinforced Insulated Sheath or R.I.S is a very expensive and highly defensive armor.
Beskar ArmorMedium30,000 Credits15+ Dex modifier (max 2)Str 12Disadvantage40 lb.Beskar armor is notable for its high tolerance to extreme forms of damage. Beskar is durable enough to withstand a direct blaster shot and can repel lightsaber strikes.
Raider ArmorHeavy1,400 Credits14--35 lb.Comprised of leather, plastoid, and synthetic mesh, Raider armor is an excellent source of protection for most military units.
Composite ArmorHeavy3,200 Credits16Str 13Disadvantage50 lb.The standard for both Republic and Sith commando units, Composite armor it notoriously durable and fairly lightweight.
Battle ArmorHeavy10,000 Credits17Str 15Disadvantage60 lb.Battle armor is some of the heaviest armor in widespread use. Designed for use by heavy militias, it has the necessary protection keep a soldier alive.
Assault ArmorHeavy20,000 Credits18Str 15Disadvantage65 lb.Typically provided to military units needing the ultimate protection, Assault armor is known for it's unmatched defensive capability.
Shield GeneratorShield1,200 Credits+2--2 lb

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